Cerabella’s story began when a lady from the sXIX century left her mountain homeland to try the challenges of the city.

Francesca Abella started a tiny candles workshop in the Plaça del Pedró in a Barcelona popular neighbourhood known as el Raval. Those were times when wax was bleached under the Mediterranean sun to make the candles that would light up darkness in the end of the day.

Society’s modernization, with highlights such as the common use of electricity, also transformed candlemaking concept which had to be reinvented by the five generations that followed Cerabella’s founder.

The 60’s inaugurated the essence that still defines Cerabella: a comittment to quality and innovation to turn an ancestral illumination method such a candles into a continuous creation of shapes, scents, colours and uses.

Between the former workshop and the nowadays factory there are 150 years of research to make a unique craftsmanship survive. An essentially handmade and still work that challenges, like a flame, the hurries of time.

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