Dining area is one of the most important spaces of your house – here you start your day with a cup of coffee and finish it over dinner with your loved ones. We get it, this space has to be cozy and comfortable for you to sit and enjoy your meal. Let’s start creating your dining area with a little guide of choosing the right dining chair online.

Picking out style of the model 

There are a lot of beautiful dining chairs online, but not all of them are right for your space. When picking out your new dining chairs, you should consider the mood of your interior, dining table that you have or you’re planning to buy and also the size of your space. 

If your interior has a Scandinavian vibe, you like modern aesthetic and minimalist vibes in your space, we have a wide selection of dining chairs for you, since we’re not focusing on classic style models. When browsing online you’ll see various chairs with different shapes, some of them have:

  • High backs – this type of style creates a more formal look and is better suited for larger spaces, hence it takes up more space visually. 

  • Low backs – this type of style creates more of a relaxed mood in your interior. If you like to enjoy longer dinners at home, low backed chairs are more comfortable for leaning back, also they better suit younger family members. 

  • Armrests – this type of style provides more comfort, but takes up more space in your dining area. 

  • Cushions – chairs with cushions are unarguably more comfortable for longer dinners, it’s a great choice if you like spending more time enjoying your meals and entertaining your guests.

Picking out the material 

Choosing the right material is as well as important, as the style of your new chair. Different materials not only look different, they also require different care instructions. Here are the most popular dining chair materials, that you can find in different shops, as well as in ours: 

  • Velvet fabric – this type of fabric is one of the most popular materials nowadays, since it creates a more luxurious and soft interior mood. It might be a surprise, but velvet is actually very easy to take care of, the surface of this fabric doesn’t absorb liquids and it is more resistant to dirt.

  • Cloth like fabric – this type of fabric creates a more relaxed look, it’s a classic material for your dining chairs, so you can be sure it won’t go out of style soon. Cloth like fabric is usually made from polyester, since its synthetic material it’s more durable, doesn’t wrinkle and does not absorb liquids as well. Clean it with usual furniture fabric cleaners by following manufacturers instructions.

  • Leather and faux leather – leather chairs are becoming more and more popular during the last few years and there is a simple reason why. Leather and faux leather furniture can become a statement piece of your interior, it also is a great choice for modern homes and lofts. Leather and faux leather is a durable material, but it’s important to remember to take care of it properly.

The shine that comes from leather is a moisture that slowly fades over the years causing leather wrinkles and cracks. To avoid that, remember to condition leather surfaces a few times a year. When choosing leather furniture, bear in mind that even though dirt and liquids can be removed quite easily, stains that consist of grease, can not be removed and will ruin your furniture permanently.

  • Metal – metal chairs shine best in modern, minimalistic interiors, as well as lofts. Metal furniture doesn’t require any additional care instructions, hence it won’t be ruined by liquids or stains with grease.

  • Wood – a natural material,that will always be in style, since it’s a classic choice for your furniture. Remember to take care of the wood with special cleaners and try to keep the furniture away from direct sunlight, as wooden surfaces tend to fade over time.

Pro tip: check out the measure of Martindale scale. The Martindale method, also known as the Martindale rub test, simulates natural wear of a seat cover, in which the textile sample is rubbed against a standard abrasive surface with a specified force.

The test equipment works in intervals of 5000 cycles, totalling the wear number (unit: Martindale) of abrasion cycles that leads to the material being worn to a specified degree. The higher the value, the more resistant the material is to abrasion.

The minimum requirement for surface for personal use is 10 000 cycles, for office use – 25 000 cycles.

Picking out colours 

When it comes to colors of the chairs, it all depends on your preference and style – in our assortment you can find main chair colours, which will complement your modern home. We have beige tones, the popular choices of grey and black, which suits any interior, and rich colours, such as deep red, emerald green, dark blue and vintage brown, which can be the perfect accent in your interior.

Nevertheless, while shopping online, it can be tricky to understand how your chosen piece will look, when it will arrive in your home. Despite the fact that we try to reflect our furniture in the best realistic way possible, different colours sometimes can appear lighter or darker in real life. Before ordering a product, be sure to ask for fabric swatches. We have all leathers and fabric swatches of our main partners and will gladly send you to check them out.

Picking the right size

If you already have a dining table in your home, be sure to measure it before actually purchasing new chairs. It’s important to pay attention to the height of the table, usually 75 cm is the standard height of dining tables, but there might be few exceptions.

If you have a standard height table, model it should be way easier to shop for chairs. The most comfortable height for sitting is between 45-47 cm, sometimes you can find a bit higher chairs, for example DanForm Manta model seat height is 49 cm, hence its soft cushions, it’s a comfortable model to sit on, but if you and your family members are taller and if you have a standard height dining table, it won’t be the right choice for you. Remember – every centimeter counts, when it comes to comfort. 

Buying and returning chairs online

We understand that the furniture buying process online can be tricky, since you can’t actually try out the piece in a usual brick and mortar store. But there are positive aspects of online shopping as well – since the retail doesn’t have the additional costs of maintaining a physical store, it can offer a bit lower prices on various items, also not to mention the convenience of shopping without leaving your house.

Either way, if you have doubts about dining chairs in your home, know that you always have an ability to return items, if you don’t like. Unlike buying furniture from regular physical stores, online stores, as well as ours, offers you 14 day returns. Just be sure to inform us after receiving a product within 14 days and you will have another 14 days to return it. Remember, that products should be unused and in their original packaging. 

If you’re planning to buy a whole set, for example, 4-8 chairs for your dining room and can’t decide, we recommend ordering one chair for trying it out in your home, that way you will save money on returning one item, instead of several ones.

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