A high or low backrest, a seat with softness guaranteed by feather padding and incomparable comfort, this is the identikit of Jacob. An armchair inspired by the classic style of ‘bergère’ reading chairs and interpreted according to the design of Calia Italia, it combines natural leathers and fine fabrics. It is a true icon, which can offer a unique comfort experience.

* When choosing black legs, the price of furniture increases by 5%


Height 112cm,

Depth 88cm,

Width 80cm,

Sitting height 46cm,

Sitting depth 54cm

Jacob can be ordered with rotating or stable polished metal legs.

Production period: 12 weeks.

The product has a 2-year warranty.

* It is possible to order only an even number of goods

For available measurements, fabrics and prices, please contact: info@minimalist-store.com