The Davis padding is made of a foam that makes it very soft in each point. It can be in solid colour, by choosing in the wide provided range, or you can choose one of the Inspiration combinations, with a dogtooth inner part for the double frill, and covered with Cervia fabric.

Available sizes:

for 140×200 cm mattress – 187 cm (width) x 240 cm (lenght) x 114 cm (height)

for 160×200 cm mattress – 207 cm (width) x 240 cm (lenght) x 114 cm (height)

for 180×200 cm mattress – 227 cm (width) x 240 cm (lenght) x 114 cm (height)

Production time: 8 weeks

Made in: Italy

*Specified price is for 160×200 cm mattress bed, for more accurate price and available fabrics contact:

You can see all possible bed fabrics in our studio at Polocko 17, Vilnius.