The two panels of the Kenny bedhead are real cushions, padded with memory foam. The contact with the body temperature allows their perfect shaping. This technology was normally used only in the production of mattresses, and now we are introducing it also in the bedhead manufacture.

Available sizes:

for 140×200 cm mattress – 159 cm (width) x 237 cm (lenght) x 97 cm (height)

for 160×200 cm mattress  – 179 cm (width) x 237 cm (lenght) x 97 cm (height)

for 180×200 cm mattress – 199 cm (width) x 237 cm (lenght) x 97 cm (height)

Production time: 8 weeks

Made in: Italy

*Specified price is for 160×200 cm mattress bed, for more accurate price and available fabrics contact:

You can see all possible bed fabrics in our studio at Polocko 17, Vilnius.