The Osaka is by no means a tatami mat. On the contrary, it’s a large, comfortable bed that has little in common with austere bed mats. In fact, this particular design encapsulates the duality of Japan’s spirit, which oscillates between tradition and modernity. The Osaka frame embodies this aesthetic contradiction, taking inspiration from the harmonious sense of balance you feel when you spot beauty in the quiet shadows of a zen garden, which is subsequently imitated in this brilliant, high-tech design, boasting excellent functionality. The Osaka reflects these contrasts in its structure, design and colour scheme, which takes inspiration from nature and the passing seasons.

Available sizes:

for 140×200 cm mattress – 176 cm (width) x 228 cm (lenght) x 117 cm (height)

for 160×200 cm mattress – 196 cm (width) x 228 cm (lenght) x 117 cm (height)

for 180×200 cm mattress – 216 cm (width) x 228 cm (lenght) x 117 cm (height)

Production time: 8 weeks

Made in: Italy

*Specified price is for 160×200 cm mattress bed, for more accurate price and available fabrics contact:

You can see all possible bed fabrics in our studio at Polocko 17, Vilnius.