Hi, again, it’s me Erika! Since we’re entering a new summer month, I decided to share with you guys some of my personal favorite design pieces from our assortment, that I’m sure, would complement your home all year round.


1. Green glass vase for your blooms 

Working in the home decor business and looking for new products everyday, sometimes it’s very hard to resist not buying beautiful accessories for your home. In my case – it’s extremely hard to resist new vases and books. Maybe that’s why, when I saw this green glass vase from Hubsch, I knew that I had to add it to my collection. It’s sleek and simple – perfect for complementing your flowers.

*Green glass vase

2. Futuristic juicer for your kitchen 

This small piece of metal has caused quite a storm in the design world back in the 90s. Juicy Salif – is a futuristic looking fruit squeezer designed by famous designer Philippe Starck. Nowadays it is considered a collectible and an icon of industrial design, I am so happy we have it in our collection. It’s not only a beautiful sculpture for your kitchen, but a functional juicer designed in simplistic form. 

*Juicy Salif citrus squeezer

3. Design books 

According to statistics, we change our living space at least three times in our lifetime. For some people, for example – our parents, this number is quite high, for others – it’s way too low. If you enjoy moving or you dream of finding your forever home to grow old, either way – try to create an environment that you love in the place that you’re in. For me an ideal home space is filled with huge shelves of books. That is the space I feel comfortable, cozy and safe, having that in mind, I can’t make this favorites list without adding books to it. 

We have a little collection of design books that we’re hoping to expand in the future. I think design books can be not only an amazing addition to your book collection, but it can also serve as a coffee table book for your daily dose of inspiration.

*Design books

4. Crispy sheets

I am so glad to have some local brands in our collection, one of them is Bedroommood. We met Bedroommood’s founder Jurgita over three years ago and immediately fell in love with their perspective on quality materials and the importance of good nights sleep. Bedroomood has a wide range of colours for their bedding sets and two different materials – sateen and percale. In my home I’ve chosen percale bedding and couldn’t be more happy with my decision. Percale is not as soft as sateen, but it’s crispy and light, especially great to use during the summer. Another great thing about percale – it does not need ironing as creases are part of its casual look and feel.


5. Jacob armchair from Calia Italia 

You may have noticed that we have quite wide selection of sofas and armchairs from Italy, majority of them is from brand Calia Italia. Its over a 50 year old family brand, that we’ve discovered few years ago in Milan Furniture Fair Salone Del Mobile. Right away fell in love with the design and quality this brand has to offer. Armchair Jacob must be my favorite product of their range – its a statement piece for your interior, yet comfortable and timeless. 

*Armchair Jacob

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