Hi guys, Erika is here. I am not gonna lie – I really enjoy talking to you directly every once in a while, especially if I have something to share with you or recommend from my own perspective. You may have noticed that here at Minimalist Store we have a growing collection for tea and coffee lovers. And since we’re entering a new season when we gradually move from cold drinks to teas and coffees, I thought it would be useful to introduce you to our collection of kettles and coffee makers for your home. So here I go.

Plisse by Alessi 

It will be almost a full year when we start working with Italian brand Alessi, which is popular among design lovers worldwide. Now you may know how much I love their Juicy Salif juicer, but this time I want to talk a bit more about their Plisse kettles, which quickly have become one of our popular products.

Not only Plisse’s appearance is very appealing and easy to match in every modern interior, it has a variety of great practical qualities too. I really like the fact that this kettle can be used for both boiling and serving hot water – thanks to the thermally insulated base, you can safely place the kettle on any tabletop. Also, this product is equipped with an anti-limescale filter and a safety switch that automatically cuts off the power if there is not enough water inside.

Emma by Stelton

I am a huge fan of classic Scandinavian design of 50s and 60s, otherwise called, modern mid century style. If you love timeless looking pieces, I am sure, you’re going to enjoy the Emma collection by Danish brand Stelton.

Kettle Emma is available in three different colours, its body is made from stainless steel and it features a beautiful beech handle. Furthermore, this kettle has a removable limescale filter and a dry boil safety switch. Kettle is only a part of Emma collection, so you can be sure to easily match other items together, such as toasters and bread boxes.

9093 by Alessi

If you like boiling your water on a hob, instead of using an electric kettle, we’re happy to say that we have something to offer to you. It’s another product by Alessi called 9093.

Created back in 1985 it’s one of their best-selling objects in the world. The design of this kettle mixes the influences taken from European Art, American Pop and quotes from pre-Columbian cultures. It is a smart object, elegant, but at the same time playful and fun: when the water starts boiling, the bird sings, leading to an inevitable smile.

Pulcina by Alessi

Great design is meant for serving people, not the other way around. I think Pulcina espresso coffee maker is one of the best examples to illustrate this idea. I am a huge coffee lover and drinker, but my previous experience with moka pots has been quite disappointing. Yes, it’s a very quick and romantic way to prepare coffee, but I used to always burn it while making it with moka pots. It seems, I wasn’t the only one – it’s a common problem with this coffee preparation method.

Luckily, Alessi with well known coffee brand Illy Caffe had developed a special technology in Pulcina. This coffee maker encapsulates a small, but substantial design innovation that stops dispensing the drink at the right time before the coffee gets a bitter aftertaste. This helps to enhance the full and rich aroma of this drink. I love this clever solution!

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