The Dalt pendant lamp design was created in 2019 by designer Pepe Fornas. Dalt lamp is made of steel, glass and marble. The Dalt lamp has an integrated 5W 3000K 220-240V LED lighting. Lamp colors can be selected from 3 variations:

A: matte black steel, white marble, white glass

B: gold steel, green marble, white glass

C: black steel, black marble, white glass



Metal detail height: 16 cm

Hoods diameter: 10 cm

Bowl diameter: 5 cm

Bowl height: 4,5 cm

Delivery time is 4 weeks. Please contact for the exact delivery time.

*Details of lamps made of natural stone are different from each other, so each lamp looks different, this is not a defect.

Manufacturer: Aromas del Campo, Spain