The Frame pendant lamp design was created in 2018 by design studio AC STUDIO. Frame lamp is made of steel. The Frame has an integrated 3000K 220-240V LED lighting. Can choose color of the lamp from bronze and matte black.

The lamp lighting sizes can be selected:

900×300 – 22W LED 3000K (825.00€)

1200×500 – 30W LED 3000K (985.00€)

1400×600 – 36W LED 3000K (1185.00€)


Lamp height: 400 cm

Small forms width: 120 cm

Small forms height: 50cm

Main form width: 140 cm

Main form height: 60 cm

Forms details width: 3,6cm

Delivery time is 4 weeks. Please contact for the exact delivery time.

Manufacturer: Aromas del Campo, Spain