All the So versions have injection moulded foam bedheads. The bedhead cushions of So Pop are edged by the typical voulant that can be of the same colour as the cover or in contrast. Both the covers of the bed frame and of the cushions are removable.

Available sizes:

for 140×200 cm mattress – 158 cm (width) x 228 cm (lenght) x 106 cm (height)

for 160×200 cm mattress – 178 cm (width) x 228 cm (lenght) x 106 cm (height)

for 180×200 cm mattress – 198 cm (width) x 228 cm (lenght) x 106 cm (height)

Production time: 8 weeks

Made in: Italy

*Specified price is for 160×200 cm matress bed, for more accurate price and available fabrics contact:

You can see all possible bed fabrics in our studio at Polocko 17, Vilnius.