The Sual wall lamp design was created in 2020 by design studio FORNASEVI. Sual lamp is made of steel and acrylic. The Sual lamp has an integrated 9W 3000K 220-240V 24V LED lighting. Lamp hood diameter size and material can be selected:

A: 25 cm – €230 (Alabaster)

B: 35 cm – €296 (Alabaster)

C: 20 cm – €160 (Ceramic)

D: 30 cm – €179 (Ceramic)

E: 25 cm – €182 (Glass)

F: 25 cm – €167 (Metal)

G: 35 cm – €200 (Metal)



Lamp depth: 10,3 cm

Bowl diameter: 10 cm

Delivery time is 4 weeks. Please contact for the exact delivery time.

*Details of lamps made of natural stone are different from each other, so each lamp looks different, this is not a defect.

Manufacturer: Aromas del Campo, Spain